CineTrailer is the starting point for those who are planning to see a movie, alone or with friends, in theatres or at home.
New technologies have changed the way users benefit from information, thereby changing also the way an information service, such as CineTrailer, should propose to its audience: not just an Internet site, or a simple app, rather
a real distributed application, usable on any platform accessible to the user at any given time.
To achieve this goal the internal development team of CineTrailer is constantly working to make improvements and add new features to the product, always paying particular attention to the feedback that comes from the users.


See the trailer, choose your movie, that is the philosphy behind CineTrailer and its website reflects clearly this pilosophy. Easy to use, intentionally simple in its interface, CineTrailer focuses mainly on services to the users, rather than on redundant information or useless graphic embellishments. That makes CineTrailer a very fast site, where what movie fanatics are looking for is but a few clicks away...

Connected TV

What better platform to see a movie trailer, than TV? Thanks to the high quality of the clips provided by its partner Preview Networks, CineTrailer is more than ready to provide HD content to HD TV sets, with Internet capabilities.
Even if on TVs the baseline of CineTrailer stays just the same, that is speed and simplicity, interface and navigation have been adapted to suit the capabilities of the device...


The first step taken by CineTrailer outside the Web, was in the form of an application for mobile phones. That application managed to win first prize at the Samsung Application Store Developers Challenge 2009, since then the hits have continued to pile up, regardless of the operating system on which CineTrailer landed: Windows Mobile, Android, Bada, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry PlayBook ...
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